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JV Jamboree

Some CFA notes and housekeeping rules from CV are shown below. Please pass along the pertinent info to your parents.
1. $5/per carload entrance fee. This is not a badge/free entrance event. Same price if it is 10 inside vehicle or 2 in vehicle. Plan accordingly. Gates will open @ 7
2. We have hired local Fire Police to help with parking. PLEASE let them do their job. We will be pushing the limits of our available parking and their help will assure efficiency 
3. Trash containers will be available. If they are not close, please carry out with you. This eliminates the task of picking up after adults. CV has a Varsity game a few hours later and some of the same volunteers will be at both, so your attention to this is encouraged.
4. We will have our Athletic Trainer on site. Also an ambulance will be there for anything needed.
5. Bathrooms are available at concessions, lower lot and between fields 6 & 7 along cornfield.
6. Please no parking were "ref parking" is marked.
7. "ZERO TOLERENCE" is in effect. This is a celebration of our JV players, not a display of your officiating knowledge or lack of it. Have fun.  If you're not encouraging the kids, please keep your comments to yourself.  We will have you removed.  We can not risk losing officials.  We can play games without fans, but can not play without officials.
7a. See again
8. None of this means anything unless you pass along to your participants/coaches..Louder for the people in back!!
9. Coaches, please make sure you are in attendance for mtg in morning...more info to follow.
10. There will be no weigh ins this year.  We trust that you will know the rules and not try to cheat kids.  We will have scales there.  If a team feels that one of your players should be a stripe, we will weigh them in, and if they are over the weight alloted you will FORFIET out of the tournament.  If you have a kid that is close, that you want weighed early in the morning we will weigh them in, mark their hand and mark them on the roster.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS AN ISSUE.  We are here for the kids and to enjoy a great day of football. 
11. Bring both Home and Away Jerseys
12. Have a great day and let your player know they did good.





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