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About the CFA

The CFA was founded to give children an opportunity to play tackle football in a safe environment.  The object of this organization is to establish and maintain a program of supervised football for children through the development of the following fundamentals: sportsmanship, mental and physical health, character, and cultural and scholastic achievements.  The CFA believes the well being of the sport of youth football depends on the following: a broad appreciation of the game, excellence in coaching, an emphasis on safety and health, high levels of youth participation and collaborations with the many partner organizations involved in youth football and cheerleading.  We will promote this through family, fun, and fundamentals, as well as "giving back" to our youth and their communities.

CFA League Timeline

As begun by Joseph Cribrari
CFA. The Capital Football Association (CFA) is the largest youth football league in the state of Pennsylvania. It is the preeminent league in South Central Pennsylvania, consisting of many feeder programs that make up the PIAA's Mid-Penn Football Conference. It was originally established as an independent Catholic football league made up of former CYO teams in the Harrisburg area. The CYO Football League which operated from 1946 to 1972 was replaced by Catholic Athletic Association (CAA), at a meeting held in 1973 at St. Catherine Laboure Parish Social Hall. The name of the league would later become the Catholic Football Association (CFA) and eventually, the Capital Football Association (CAA).

The First Charter. The following officers were elected: Joe Cribari was elected Commissioner; Dr. Michael Howanitz, Secretary; and John Moretz, Treasurer. The Governing Board members (Charter Members) were comprised of representatives from nine (9) parishes: St. Joseph, Holy Name, Our Lady, Good Shepherd, St. Margaret Mary, St. Catherine Laboure, St. Patrick, St. Theresa and Sacred Heart. This group, formerly the CYO, developed the CFA Constitution and Bylaws. The parish associations were divided into 2 divisions (East Shore Division and West Shore Division).

1973. The CFA's First Season. St. Catherine Laboure Royal's Midget team coached by Joe Cribari finished a perfect season with a record of 8-0 and won the East Shore Midget Division. The St. Theresa Saints Midget team, coached by Mike Silvestri ended the season with a 7-1 record won the West Shore Midget Division. The East Shore Division Midget Champs and the West Shore Division Midget Champs met in the CFA's First "Super Bowl" game (1973). The championship game was played at the New Cumberland Jr. High School Field. St. Catherine Laboure Royals Midgets won by a score of 30-8.

1974. Susquehanna Indians join the CAA.

1975. Sacred Heart program folded. West Perry Mustangs join the league.

1977. Susquehanna leaves for the newly founded Keystone Midget Football Conference (KMFC)

1978. Our Lady of Peace program folded.

1979. CAA joins with the Capital Area Conference (CAC) for cross over games and to crown an overall champion under the banner of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Football League (CPYFL). St. Patrick's program folded. The CAC league consisted of Carlisle, East Pennsboro, Northern, Penbrook, Dauphin, Mechanicsburg, Gettysburg, Bermudian Springs.

1986. The CPYFL alliance ends as the Capital Area Conference (CAC) folds. Most teams joined the Keystone Midget Football Conference (KMFC), however Dauphin-Halifax elects to join the CAA. St. Catherine-Laboure becomes the East Shore Royals. The CAA now consists of Dauphin-Halifax, East Shore, Good Shepherd, Holy Name, Seven Sorrows, St. Theresa, St. Margaret Mary, St. Joseph, West Perry

1988. The Catholic Athletic Association (CAA) changes its name to the Catholic Football Association (CFA).

1990. St. Theresa Saints merge with KMFC's New Cumberland Tigers to become the New Cumberland Saints. Northern Polarbears and Boiling Springs Bengals join the CFA.

1991. Lower Allen Cowboys join the CFA.

1994. St. Margaret Mary Spartans becomes Capital City Spartans.

1998. Capital City Spartans fold. Susquenita Blackhawks join the CFA. Dauphin-Halifax Eagles split into Dauphin Jaguars and Halifax Bobcats.

1999. Swatara Tigers join the CFA.

2000. Super Bowl XXVIII was played November 12, 2000 at Memorial Field, Middletown, PA. Good Shepherd Rams won the Peewee Championship Game over the Swatara Tigers in 5 overtime periods. East Shore Royals won the Pony Championship Game over the Dauphin Jaguars. The Holy Name Jets won the Midget Championship Game over the Halifax Bobcats.

2001, is the CFA's 29th year. 15 teams in CFA: Boiling Springs Bengals, Dauphin Jaguars, East Shore Royals, Halifax Bobcats, Holy Name Jets, Juniata Little Indians, Lower Allen Cowboys, New Cumberland Saints, Northern Polar Bears, Seven Sorrows Eagles, St. Joseph Chargers, Susquenita Blackhawks, Swatara Tigers, West Perry Mustangs
The Juniata Little Indians have joined the CFA Football League for this coming football season. The Super Bowl Championship Games were played Sunday, November 11, 2001 at Memorial Field Middletown. The East Shore Royals Peewee Team won the Peewee Championship by a score of 12 to 7 over the Holy Name Jets Peewee team. In the Pony Championship game, The Swatara Tigers Ponies won over the Halifax Bobcats Ponies by a score of 19 to 0. Swatara has only been in the CFA for three years. In the Midget Championship game the Holy Name Jets Midgets beat the New Cumberland Saints Midgets by a score of 25 to 6. This was the second straight year that Holy Name won the CFA Midget Championship.

2002. The Peewee Championship Game was a thriller. In double overtime, the Swatara Tigers defeated the St. Joseph Chargers 13 to 7. The Pony Championship Game featured the East Shore Royals and the Good Shepherd Rams. Losing 6 to 0 with 4 minutes to play, the East Shore Royals rallied to win the game 14 to 6. The Midget Championship Game featured 2 unbeaten teams, The Holy Name Jets and the Lower Allen Cowboys. Holy Name won 34 to 8. This was Holy Name's third consecutive Midget Super Bowl Title.

2003. East Shore Royals become Harrisburg Broncos. Super Bowl XXXI, Sunday, November 9, 2003. The games were hosted by St. Joseph Chargers and played at Trinity High School Football Field. 10 teams played in the Peewee Exhibition Game. Link Wilson's Red Team beat John Reiprich's Blue Team 18 - 0. In the Peewee Championship Game, the St. Joseph Chargers defeated the Holy Name Jets 18 - 6. The Pony Championship game was a thriller with Holy Name Jets edging the Harrisburg Broncos 19 - 18. In the Midget Super Bowl Game Holy Name Jets upset the undefeated Halifax Bobcats 14 - 6.

2004. Lower Allen Cowboys become Cedar Cliff Cowboys. Super Bowl XXXII. 1 League - 4 Divisions -15 teams. In the Peewee Championship Game the St. Joseph Chargers defeated the Lower Allen Cowboys by a score of 19 to 12. In the Pony Championship Game the Swatara Tigers defeated the Lower Allen Cowboys 19 to 0 and in the Midget Championship Game St. Joseph Chargers defeated Good Shepherd Rams 38 to 0 and ended the season undefeated.

2005. Greenwood Buffaloes join the CFA. Super Bowl XXXIII, Sunday, November 6, 2005. In the Peewee Championship Game, the Swatara Tigers defeated the Cedar Cliff Cowboys, in the Pony Championship Game, the Harrisburg Broncos beat the Juniata Little Indians and in the Midget Championship Game, the Holy Name Jets defeated the Cedar Cliff Cowboys.

2006. 1 League - 4 Divisions -16 teams. In this years Super Bowl, Holy Name Jets Peewee team defeated the Harrisburg Broncos. In the Pony game Harrisburg Broncos won over the Northern Polar Bears and in the Midget game, the Holy Name Jets beat the Swatara Tigers.

2007. CFA Split into 2 Conferences the American and National. Each conference had 8 teams make the playoffs, each Conference had its own Superbowl. American Conference: Cumberland Valley Harrisburg Broncos, Holy Name, Swatara, Cedar Cliff, Good Shepherd Northern Polar Bears, St. Joseph. National Conference: Boiling Springs, Halifax, New Cumberland, Susquenita, West Perry, Dauphin, Greenwood, Juniata, Seven Sorrows, South Hanover. This year we had two Super Bowl Championship Games. American Conference and National Conference Super Bowl Games. In the American Conference Peewee Championship Game, Harrisburg Broncos beat the Holy Name Jets. In the National Conference Peewee Championship Game, the Boiling Springs Bengals beat the Juniata Little Indians. In the American Conference Pony Championship Game, the Swatara Tigers beat the Cedar Cliff Cowboys, In the National Conference Pony Championship Game, the New Cumberland Saints beat the South Hanover Knights. In the American Conference Midget Championship Game, Holy Name Jets beat the Northern Polar Bears, and in the National Conference Midget Championship Game, the West Perry Mustangs beat the Juniata Little Indians.

2008. In the 2008 American Conference Peewee Championship Game. Harrisburg Broncos beat the Cedar Cliff Cowboys, in the National Conference Peewee Championship Game, Halifax Bobcats beat the Boiling Springs Bengals. In the American Conference Pony Championship Game, the Good Shepherd Rams beat the Holy Name Jets, in the National Conference Pony Championship Game, Boiling Springs Bengals beat the Susquenita Blackhawks. In the American Conference Midget Championship Game, Holy Name Jets beat the Good Shepherd Rams, and in the National Conference Midget Championship Game, the Susquenita Blackhawks beat the West Perry Mustangs.

2009. The Dauphin Bobcats program folds. Each team played 6 games within their conference and 2 cross over games with the other conference. The Halifax Bobcats and Holy Name Jets football teams opened the 2009 CFA Football Season Friday night at the Holy Name Jets home football field. The Defending Midget Super Bowl Champs, Holy Name Jets, who have won the CFA Midget Super Bowl Championship eight (8) times in the last ten (10) years), defeated the Halifax Bobcats midget team 45 to 0. The Halifax Bobcats 1999 Midget Team and the St. Joseph Chargers 2004 Midget Teams won the other two (2) Super Bowl Midget Championships. Up until last year the CFA played only one Super Bowl Game. In 2007, two (2) conferences were established and two (2) Super Bowl Games were played, the American Conference Super Bowl and the National Conference Super Bowl. There have been thirty-six (36) Midget Super Bowl Championship Games in the CFA since 1973, when the CFA was established (From 1946 to 1972 it was known as the CYO). The Holy Name Jets have won ten (10), St. Margaret Mary Spartans (no longer have a team) won seven (7), St. Joseph Chargers have won six (6), Seven Sorrows Eagles won three (3), East Shore Royals (now the Harrisburg Broncos) won won four (4), New Cumberland Saints won two (2), West Perry Mustangs won two (2), and the St. Catherine Laboure Royals (coached by Commissioner Joe Cribari) won one (1). 1973, was the first CFA Super Bowl game played. The 2009 season will be CFA Super Bowl XXXVII (37). This year, the Super Bowl Championship Games will be played at Landis Field. The National Conference Championship Games will be played Saturday, November 7, 2009 and the American Conference Football Championship Games on Sunday, November 8, 2009.

2010. The New Cumberland Saints absorb the KMFC West Shore Vikings Program. The Cedar Cliff Cowboys become the Cedar Cliff Colts

2011. The York Bears join CFA. Cumberland Valley leaves the KMFC and fully joins the CFA entering two team CV Eagles and CV Power. South Hanover Knights become the Lower Dauphin Warriors. KMFC and CFA Commissioners meet to discuss crossover games.

2012. The CFA and the KMFC joined together and established the 28 team Capital Football Association (3 Conference Football League: American, National, and Federal). Teams joining the CFA include Carlisle Thundering Herd, East Pennsboro Panthers, Harrisburg Packers, Linglestown Colts, Mechanicsburg Wildcats, Paxton Panthers, Red Land Patriots, Steelton Raiders, Susquehanna Indians

2013. Big Spring Bulldogs and the Gettysburg Warriors join the CFA in the Federal Conference. Lingelstown Colts become Central Dauphin Colts.

2014. Four new Associations joined the CFA in the Federal Conference: Hershey Trojans, Hummelstown Bulldogs, Northern Lebanon Vikings all from the Lebanon Valley Midget Football League (LVL) and the brand new Shippensburg Greyhounds. Paxton Panthers become CD East Panthers. Boiling Springs Bengals become Boiling Springs Bubblers.

2015. Realignment adding Hershey and Hummelstown to the National Conference. Federal Conference adds Good Shepherd and Seven Sorrows. American Conference remains the same. Juniata leaves the CFA.  Lower Dauphin Warriors become Lower Dauphin Falcons.

2016. Nat. Conf. Expanded to 12 Teams: Add Red Land, Carlisle, West Perry, Good Shepherd. Cedar Cliff and Hershey move to the Federal Conference. American Conference is at 8 teams.  Hummelstown Bulldogs absorb Lower Dauphin Falcons.

2017. Harrisburg Teams Combine into the Harrisburg Cougars. The Waynesboro Stallions and Dover Eagles join the CFA from the KYFL. Dover will compete on a trial level as a JV team. American Conference was set to go to an unlimited weight restriction. The National Conference weight regulations changed to the Red Stripe rule. The National Conference consists of 13 teams by adding Swatara, Ship, Waynes, Gettys, and Harrisburg Cougars (2nd team). Good Shep, East Penn, Steelton, West Perry drop to Federal Conference. 6 American Conference teams (Cumberland Valley, Central Dauphin, CD East, Holy Name, York, and Harrisburg Cougars 1st team ) leave to form a new unweighted league (The Mid Penn Elite).

2018. Realignment into 3 divisions of 9 teams. National Conference: NC, Middletown, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Red Land, Waynesboro, Swatara, Susquehanna, Mechanicsburg. Federal Conference: Cedar Cliff, Boiling Springs, Big Spring, Hershey, Hummelstown, East Penn, West Perry, Northern, Steelton (folded before season). Liberty Conference: Gettysburg, Greenwood, Seven Sorrows, Big Spring, Shippensburg (folded before season), Northern Lebanon, Dover, Susquenita, Lower Dauphin (merged with Hummelstown before season).

2019. The Central Dauphin Rams and Cumberland Valley Eagles returned to the CFA and were placed in the top tier National Conference. The Central Penn Crusaders, a new program filling the void left by the former Holy Name Jets also was added to the National Conference. Harrisburg no longer maintained teams in both the CFA and the MPE, competing solely in the National Conference. Mechanicsburg, Middletown, and Swatara dropped to the middle tier Federal Conference (9 teams). Seven Sorrows moved up to the Federal Conference, while Good Shepherd dropped into the Liberty Conference.  The Shippensburg Greyhound program folded.  The Scotland Broncos and Palmyra Cougars joined the league and were added to the Liberty Conference making 10 teams.

2020. The CFA Season was cancelled due to the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic. Several CFA Teams compete in the Independent Conference (Central Dauphin, Lebanon Friendship, Lebanon Raiders, New Cumberland, Waynesboro, West Perry).  New Cumberland Saints and Cedar Cliff Colts merge to form the New Cumberland Colts.

2021. The CFA returns to full action. The York Bears return to the National Conference, Tri-Community Panthers (formerly CD East) returns to the Liberty. Chambersburg Trojans, Lebanon Raiders, and Lebanon Friendship Cedars join the CFA in the Federal Conference. Dover leaves for the KYFL.
The CFA tradition continues.
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